The International University of Ballet Arts was created in the United States on September 1,2009 and has as its main scope the formation of highly qualified Classical Ballet Teachers, the preservation and the advancement of the Art of Classical Ballet in order to maintain and secure the highest quality of Dance Education for future generations on an international level.

International University of Ballet Arts offers a 4 year Diploma Program opened to professional or former professional dancers with at least 3 years of performing experience. Graduates of qualified professional Ballet Academies or Schools with outstanding international recognitions may also apply.

For Teachers without professional backgrounds or private school owners in possession of some form of accreditation special Continuous Education Programs will be available in order that they may refresh and enhance their Classical Ballet teaching knowledge and methods, that will bring greater benefits to their school and students.

The International University of Ballet Arts has established a Campus in Bergamo, Italy for Europe directed by Madame Svetlana Pavlova. The North American Campus has been established in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, under the direction of Madame Amelia Wanderlingh. The Dean of both Campuses is Maestro Max Ratevosian

International University Of Ballet Arts